early morning – view from our garden

One of my favorite flowers…

Morning fog.
Here you can see some of our newest gärdesgård. Gärdesgård is a Swedish traditional wooden fence: Håkan has now built about 2km of it here on our farm Sjögetorp!
The poles are of juniper tree, the horizontal trees are spruce and they are tied together with long spruce twigs.


  • Sofia says:

    Googlade på gärdesgård och fick se bilden på blommorna, så det var så jag hittade hit. Vilken natur ni har och vilken fin gärdesgård!

    /Sofia – Landskapsvårdare

  • thank you for this inspiring blog. i, too, blog, but from my life here in the north of new york state (u.s.) and live in an old farmhouse, teach, and make paper and books and dye fiber…i, too harvest the plants and barks for my work. thank you.

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