Life in the woods – our forest courses

The forest has shaped us into the people we are today.
The forest gave us shelter, timber, firewood, raw materials for all sorts of tools and other items. There we could hunt, gather mushrooms and berries and other edibles, there was our pharmacy …
The forest was our home.
It is not long since we abandoned the forest for a modern life.
On the way, we got lost…
Here at Urnatur you can reconnect to our former home, the forest,
experience the forest with all your senses, learn everything about it –  and get closer to yourself.

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overview to our courses & their dates:
(Further down you will also find some more practical information)

dates for 2017 courses
17.05 – 19.05 wild herbs for food and medicine
24.05 – 26.05 life in the woods – our basic course
31.05 – 02.06 gärdesgård, traditional Swedish fencing
14.06 – 16.06 bark, a forgotten resource
12.07 – 14.07 tree climbing
16.08 – 18.08 shinrin yoku
13.09 – 15.09 alternative forestry

Forest Hotel – Courses

Life in the woods

time schedule for our life in the woods – forest courses

Wednesday Thursday
breakfast 9 – 10 9 – 10
arrival (latest 14.00)
13 – 14
Cottages & introductory 14 – 15

course schedule

15 – 18
10 – 18
10 – 16


12 – 13 12 – 13

quick guide to a successful booking

Life in the woods
If you only want to attend the course (without room and board) you book this under ” life in the woods”.
Check the date of the course you want to join (choose “3 days”) and press > “search”.

packages & offers
Our courses including food and accommodation you book under “packages & offers”.
Check the date of the course you want to join (choose “2 nights”) and press > “search”.
The available accomodations to choose between will come up now.


Welcome to join our workshops. All of them are from Wednesday – Friday. You can book them with or without accommodation.

We recommend you also to book accommodation to really get the most out of your time at Urnatur.
To stay in one of our small cabins in the woods really is half of the experience.
During our courses you can book a shared accommodation. This will be the cheapest accommodation option. But of course you can also book one of the other cottages instead. Breakfast is included as well as ingredients for a dinner that you cook in the outdoor kitchen at the lake. To save time, we make a picnic lunch at breakfast we take with us. We fix thermos with tea and coffee and a little snack.

If you just book the course (without accommodation) you bring your own lunch for the day.

Guests staying at Urnatur: You will prepare a picnic lunch at the breakfast: Sandwiches, fruit, eggs, we will fix coffee, tea & “fika”.
Other participants : bring your own lunch! Coffee, tea and “fika” is provided!

dinner & breakfast
For the dinner and breakfast it is same as the nature-nights concept. You cook your dinner in our outdoor kitchen. You can do this on your own or together with other participants.

about us teaching:
The forest is like our big common playground.
Håkan Strotz is a forester and owner of Urnatur. Håkan has built all the huts throughout the wood hermitage by himself using timber from the farm. Håkan has also a great interest and knowledge in forest history, survival, hunting and fishing and a variety of craft techniques.
Ulrika Krynitz is a forest biologist, herb educator, designer and also owner of Urnatur. Ulrika has a great interest in wild edible – and medicinal plants and the healing powers of the forest.