courses 2018

workshops 2018

build a Swedish log sauna 4-6th of July
tree climbing 11-13th of July 
The forest has shaped us into the people we are today.
The forest gave us shelter, timber, firewood, raw materials for all sorts of tools and other items. There we could hunt, gather mushrooms and berries and other edibles, there was our pharmacy …
The forest was our home.
It is not long since we abandoned the forest for a modern life.
On the way, we got lost…
Here at Urnatur you can reconnect to our former home, the forest,
experience the forest with all your senses, learn everything about it –  and get closer to yourself.

date: 4-6 July 2018
Wednesday – Friday

workshop only: 2900,- SEK
room & board (2 nights): from app 2800,-
all prices/p, in SEK and incl VAT

build a Swedish log sauna

Come and join us, building a traditional Swedish log sauna. Together we will work with the logs using only hand tools and chainsaw. You will learn everything about how to build a log house, about how to use the different tools and how to get in to the right working flow.
Håkan Strotz  will lead the workshop. He is a forester and the owner of Urnatur. Håkan has built all the huts throughout the wood hermitage by himself using timber from the farm.

date: 11-13 July 2018
Wednesday  – Friday

 workshop only: 4675,-
rental of equipment:  1470,-
room & board (2 nights): from app 2800,-
all prices /p, in SEK and incl VAT

tree climbing

Learn how to climb trees using a rope and harness. Whether you just for fun want to learn how to climb trees safely or if you have plans to learn more of how to work in trees, this is a course for you! The focus during these days will be to climb as much as possible, but also to learn more about the equipment and techniques you can use, for getting up and around in the trees safely. If you already have a harness and rope you are welcome to bring it and climb with your own equipment. An average climbing harness works great to learn how to climb with. For those who do not have their own climbing equipment it can be rented here.

The instructors are arborists who work in the trees everyday and have plenty of years of experience ( ) There will be 1 instructor / 4-6 participants.

if you have questions regarding the workshop contact :
Anneli Lewis Skoglund,, 013 10 19 23

PS: Anneli was involved building the raven nest treehouse together with Håkan.

book the workshop:

Please send us an e-mail with your full name, address and contact tel. number

Also don’t forget to mention name and date of the course.
We will send you an invoice for the workshop.

to book accomodation:

Accommodation (nature nights) is booked separately.
Check the date of the course you want to join and go to “book” – “nature nights”. Choose “2 nights” and press > “search”.
The available accomodations to choose between and prices will come up now. Of course you also can choose to stay for longer.
Here is a link to the booking 

time schedule for our courses

day 1 T day 2
T day 3
breakfast 9-10 9-10

course schedule



Welcome to join our workshops. You can book our courses with or without accommodation.

Of course we recommend you also to book accommodation to really get the most out of your time at Urnatur.
To stay in one of our small cabins in the woods really is half of the experience.

Guests staying at Urnatur:
You will prepare a picnic lunch at the breakfast: Sandwiches, fruit, eggs, we will fix coffee, tea & “fika”.
For the dinner and breakfast it is same as the nature-nights concept. Breakfast buffet is provided at the tin castle. You cook your dinner in our outdoor kitchen. You can do this on your own or together with other participants.

Other participants : no meals are included in the price.

Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein