Our activities are fun, earthy & instructive,
providing time & space for dialogue, discussion and cooperation.
These activities can only be booked by groups of at least 10 persons.

make a fire, cook Swedish coffee, bake bark bread
Together you light a fire with the bow drill – without any matches. We put on some coffee over the open fire and bake delicious real bark bread.

The activity provides frustrating laughter but also a great reward when the fire finally is burning in the end.

Duration 1-2 hours

Together we are building an ingeniously simple sauna at the lake. We start with a big fire in which we heat the stones. until glowing hot…
Afterwards you can take a refreshing swim in the lake.

Duration 3 hours

preparing a dinner over an open fire
The menu depends on the season and contains wild herbs from the surroundings and vegetables from the garden.

Cooking together is among the most natural things to do. But how often are we doing it?

Duration 4 hours

basic skills

to handle knives, tools, axes and fire …

Learn the basics of chopping wood, sharpen and handling the axe and knife, the basics of making fire (without cheating)…
Important stuff – in a survival situation, in an earthy life and / or if you want to impress when you are out in the woods next time with your kids…


Time required depends on your ambition:
2 hours – several days.

 end the day with a nice sauna and hot tub:

take a bath in a wood-fired hot tub

End the day by jumping into a steaming hot wood fired tub. Look at the stars and listen to the wind, the silence, birds or friends’ latest gossip ;)

You can sit about seven people in each hot tub at the time, possibly more as some prefer the sauna and sometimes you have to sit on the terrace and cool down a little …


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