hunting wolves

People keep asking if we have shot the fox yet.
No, we haven´t.
In fact – was it not my fault as I actually did not close the hens house?! If we`d shoot the fox it was for no purpose at all the hens got killed.

Tomorrow the wolf hunting starts in Sweden. It is amazing how many feelings wolves seem to evoke. I can really understand that you get frustrated, sad and even mad when a wolf kills your sheep or reindeer – but that hatred?!

Anyway – it reminds me of Alva -a Czechoslovakian wolfdog, a mixture between wolf and German shepherd. It was the most fascinating dog. About 30% wolf. She had the wolves movements, looks and mind. So beautiful.
It is a long and complicated story, but I have to admit that she was too much wolf to fit into our life…
Still miss her a lot.
I really would want a dog. A dog less complicated. But every dog I compare to her…
I guess that is why I still don´t have one.

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