Haily – and trip on Vättern

I want to introduce a new member of our family: Haily!
The most wonderful and kind dog you could imagine…
Still testing if it works out with my allergy- but it seems it does :)

Haven´t been active for a while, so I guess I have to update the blog…
Spring is getting closer, no doubt. The days are getting longer, the willow buds are eager to come out, the birds are singing in the mornings. But still the days and nights are very cold.
Two days ago it was -19C. We made a trip to Vättern. Ice skating.
Only in the end of a very long and cold winter there might be a chance to get these perfect and magical ices on the deep and clear lake Vättern. This winter is such a winter…

…the day after six dutch tourists had to be rescued with a helicopter close to that area because they had got onto a drifting ice floe and couldn´t get back…

Vättern , february 2011
Vättern with Haily
Haily on the ice
strange formations

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