Blue sky, birds are singing, the air is full of spring, of life, of birth.
The other sound – the radio news – full of fear, death, hollocausts.

Sadness. Frustration. Fear. Anger. There are so many thoughts in my head, feelings in my heart.
When will we start to take care of the world we live on – and actually share with all the animals and nature – and our children.
Religions, laws – everything puts the humans first, on top of everything else, above nature. I cannot understand the logic in that.
I want changes with consequences.
Imagine everybody just having a certain ration of energy for our yearly usage. Not able to trade it! Then it is up to everybody how to use it. Money would suddenly be less important, many energy problems could be solved…
We cannot continue like this – that is for sure!

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  • Dear Ulrika, you are so right. Living here in Japan and seeing these terrible pictures every day is so incredible sad. And to see these ploitical guys on the screen, telling that everything is under control, themselves in faking working clothes, shoveling those brave young men into the reactor to get it stopped, I want to get up to them and slap them.
    So much longing for wide clean nature.
    We have now to fear to open up a bottle of milk.
    How to deal with each day.
    No idea.



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