how to use the moose

Three days ago we got another 20cm of snow!
Yesterday it was vernal equinox – and today just about all snow is gone already.
Finally spring has come to stay :)
Nuclear power versus stoneage…
We took the last chance before the ice on the lake is all melted to take photos for a Swedish magazine who wanted an article about moose- all different parts you could think of and how they traditionally got used. Sinew, hides, bones, fat…
By the way: the hat Håkan wears on the picture is made of four moose ears!


  • Hej på er alla Sjögetorpare!

    Kul och vara inne igen och se allt nytt på eran underbara hemsida!
    Alltid lika härligt inspirerande!

    Bästa hälsningar med kramar till er alla!


  • Spännande – “How to use a moose”. Vilken tidning var det som skulle ha det fina temat?


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