Within only three days both our cows got their calves.
Their first calf. And our first as well :)
Two little babybulls.
This is the calf that was born this morning. It is much more greyish
and looks a bit like a moose to me.
We have to hurry to mark them with their ugly bright yellow earmarks. After only a day they will be too quick to catch them…

So what should we name them?

Piff & Puff maybe?


  • Oh, so amazing! I love your blog and the wonderful captures :)
    Alex and I miss you all and Urnatur much and think of the amazing days we spent there.
    Christina + Alex

  • Åh!Gud så söta;)
    Pussa Hailey ifrån mej<3
    Hoppas ni mår bra allihopa/Kram Ciara


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