We had a traditional (which means cold and rainy) midsummer party at midsummer Eve with lots of wonderful friends. There is nothing better than being amongst people you love…

…about everybody was picking flowers to decorate themselves and the maypole:

AnteAnna-Linda and me

Now we will have some weeks of vacation ourselves – and we open the wood hermitage again on the 28th of July.
I am working on finally setting up a booking system for the huts for private bookings – be patient with us :)



  • Love those head wreathes!!! You all look cool, you all look like a dream to me!!!!
    Ulrika you are phantastic!

    Gabriele, big fan

    • Haha :) – Thanks!
      I`m working on finding new exciting gardens for you to visit- and putting up some interesting green workshops here in Sjögetorp – so you will come back here next summer…



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