crane concert

Yesterday evening the storm finally was decreasing.
Normally I do not carry around my camera – but when I was out with Hailey for a walk the moon looked down on me covered in a soft cloud that looked like a baby pink cotton-wool pad. But I was not quick enough to get my camera. But I took the picture below – a view over lake Visjö with the final rests of the storm blowing away. If you know it you can see hundreds of Canada geese on the water. Resting for the night – on their way to the South.

Now it is definately getting colder. In the North they had 10 cm snow. It seems the birds had to rest for a couple of days during the storm and now are in a hurry to move on. Today there have been thousands and thousands of cranes passing by. There is a constant concert in the air. Cranes gaining height and moving on in the form of pearl necklaces. This morning there was such a long string of cranes in a row. When they had passed over and I could see them from behind they finally appeared like a mirage, their wing beats like the boiling air over the asphalt street a hot summer day…

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