Grand Travel Awards Eco Tourism price & first signs of spring

Back from our little adventure at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm…
Good to be back ;)

After some fantastic sunny days spring feels close. Tonight though it was fairly cold and the ground is deep frozen – nevertheless I found the first little single snowdrop flowering today :)
11.00 am: Was down to the lake for a walk. The ice was singing and making most strange sounds as if it wanted to tell me its story.
I so much wanted to record these strange and wonderful tones, but I do not have that kind of equipment. Too bad!

The snow on the ice has melted and now the ice looks perfect for skating (I have been waiting for that all winter) but it might be rotten and there is open water on several spots. But it reminds me of last years pictures we took with Håkans stoneage outfit with moose-skates and moose-ear hat…

I here want to share links to two of our very skilled and dedicated friends and stone-age experts:


  • What a nice surprise to be reading through your posts here and find a link to a dear old friend, Lynx!

  • This image is so very lovely.
    Wonderful colors…not to mention incredible skates!


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