revolution starts with dreams

I grew up in West Germany with my relatives on the other side of the border, only 30 km away. Soon after I moved to Sweden in 1988 things started to happen on the East German side of the border I was told. Small signs. Lighted candles could be seen in the windows. With every day that passed more and more lighted candles appeared in the windows. A silent revolution.
I still shudder when I think of it and that this probably was kind of the beginning of what ultimately led to the unification.

Listening to Ane Brun`s song “one”. In a little passage she sings:
It all starts with one; revolution starts with dreams.

Right now, here – just as in former times – lighted beacons and ringing bells of the churches are used to spread a message of protest around lake Vättern against the horrible plans of our Swedish defense.

When I moved to Sweden from Germany, 24 years ago, I was happy to leave a loaded history of war and dying forest in the harz mountains behind me, leaving to a neutral country with lots of wonderful nature.

…to finally realize I have ended up in a country with the worlds highest weapons production per capita, with a defense spoiling what you think they should protect (our drinking water) in order to sell air force. A country without a vision, selling off its soul, cutting down all of the old forests that remain in a progressively increasing rate.

Though all seems to be about sustainability nowadays it only is a chimera. Nothing really essential happens that could make a big change.
In fact we are accelerating all processes that will change the world climate and local eco systems – to the worse. Some weeks ago a logger stopped by and admired our place. He excused himself by saying that he was actually cutting down forests but – “even since it is total madness to keep on as we do it is my job, I guess I continue as long as it may last”.


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