här var det härligt

When we moved to this farm the house was totally emptied. No sign of history at all from Olga who used to live here once. But I found this page from a magazine in the outhouse, it says something like “here it´s wonderful”. I kept it and try to keep that mood as well :)

closing down for winter

Nights are getting colder, longer and kind of darker and we are finally closing down for this season. It is not that it isn´t beautiful wintertime that we close down. In fact I am astonished every autumn again. It is like an eye opener. Somehow you see details, nuances and feel fragrances much better in […]


Early morning view over our undomesticated former herb garden. The marshmallow (to the right)is flowering and I hope I will have time to make some experimenting to make real “marshmallow” soon.

crayfish dinner

It turned out that this company visiting us also were a bunch of great(chorus)singers, so the day before I asked them if they could “sing” us Astrid Lindgrens´s Ronia the Robber’s Daughter – song. And so they did :) I wished we could have that as a welcome song for all our guests in the […]