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crayfish dinner

It turned out that this company visiting us also were a bunch of great(chorus)singers, so the day before I asked them if they could “sing” us Astrid Lindgrens´s Ronia the Robber’s Daughter – song. And so they did :) I wished we could have that as a welcome song for all our guests in the […]


Finally great weather for drying hey! Tula is a great help! …from the garden!Have a look at Urnatur on facebook as well for more pictures!

summer and sun captured

…start collecting wild herbs in early spring and in the end of the summer you have a wonderful tea that keeps you happy all winter. Some of the herbs are medicinal and should not be drunk by itself under a longer period, but this great mixture you can drink as a daily tea. The herbs […]

Urnatur destination in “Once in a Lifetime”

Travel and Leisure Redefined Today, luxury travel is having time for exceptional places and unparalleled experiences. Once in a Lifetime presents tantalizing new possibilities for exploring and relaxing that redefine the idea of luxury travel. The book showcases quality destinations beyond superficial pomp that represent a conscious choice for slowing down our hectic lives. The […]

fermented weeds

If you have an old garden most things in the lawn and among the weeds in your vegetable garden are probably edible… Also many of them are in fact medicinal herbs as well as great vegetables – like the dandelions and nettles … So: Depending on where you live…Now might be the perfect time to […]

moskito – birch booze

Our own creation: moskito! birch sirup and birch leaves in alcohol, tonic and mineral water, some ice cubes would have been nice – but difficult to keep them up here in the forest… You can get used to moskito – I promise :) Gin Tonic once arose as the kitin in the Tonic was needed […]


Skutt means “bounce” and is the name of one of our calves. The other calf is a little lady called Bonny. Skutt bounced around the first thing he did when he was born (that is why he is called Skutt)- but got really bad after some hours and was close to die. He got drip-feed, […]