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some thoughts about “forest”

Often our guests reflect upon our forest. It is so beautiful they say. What is it that makes it so beautiful? There is a 5 minutes radio program every morning called “tankar för dagen” (thoughts of the day). Two days ago a biologist/journalist talked about the Swedish forest. Though there was nothing really new in […]

making plans

Finally got some time to think. Now we have a plan :) and we are looking forward to a busy year 2012 with lots of news. Can´t wait to fill Urnatur with people and activities- will let you know soon!


To remember this special date we thought we ought to do something we love … The best thing we know is to sit at a fire at one of our favorite spots here in the hermitage. So that is what we did! The 11.11.11 at 11.11. Had a cup of black Swedish boiling coffee and […]

crane concert

Yesterday evening the storm finally was decreasing. Normally I do not carry around my camera – but when I was out with Hailey for a walk the moon looked down on me covered in a soft cloud that looked like a baby pink cotton-wool pad. But I was not quick enough to get my camera. […]

summer -still

20°C. Incredible. Roses start flowering again, pumpkins are still growing in the vegetable garden. Not too late to take a swim in the lake yet… Remember last year? Here it was -25°C in the beginning of November – only about a month from now! I will never forget that as we just renovated our wood-heating […]

firemaking & barkbread

After the crayfish dinner our guests from Holmen need to get a cup of coffee. But: They are not allowed to use anything else but wooden sticks. No matches, no lighter… See if they can do it?! Looks like great teamwork here. We need to get a fire going before sunset … It is quickly […]


Summer is getting to its end. It has been a wonderful summer. But now nights are getting longer, the water in the lake is getting colder. Still quite nice for a swim, but definitely chilly. The light is so beautiful, clear and dramatic. Quickly changing from blue to black sky… A few days ago our […]