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We had a traditional (which means cold and rainy) midsummer party at midsummer Eve with lots of wonderful friends. There is nothing better than being amongst people you love… …about everybody was picking flowers to decorate themselves and the maypole: AnteAnna-Linda and me Now we will have some weeks of vacation ourselves – and we […]


When you look at pictures like these (taken at different occasions in May) you often think it must be something wrong with the colors. It is sooo greeeen. Too green it seems! The nettles contain amazing amounts of chlorophyll. And iron. Nettles are perfect to use for a energizer. So full of vitalizing vitamins and […]

last day

Four wonderful sunny days filled with enthusiastic, happy guests and visitors are over. Thanks everybody for coming here :) Here is the family crew and Emma, when serving wild garlic soup, nettle soup and cakes in our tincastle cafe. After everybody had left tonight we had a lovely time down at the lakes ourselves – […]

Gone fishing ?

No. Today, after helping out here for six weeks, Zachary left to go back to California. But how will we survive without his background soundtracks and philosophic discussions? Zach plays his guitar on the deck. Also little Viggo-Hjalmar loves him playing his “dun-dun”. We will all miss you a lot :(


Within only three days both our cows got their calves. Their first calf. And our first as well :) Two little babybulls. This is the calf that was born this morning. It is much more greyish and looks a bit like a moose to me. We have to hurry to mark them with their ugly […]

pollen sky

pollen sky pollensky

the other day… The lake is calm like a mirror as it has been for the last week/s, we are just preparing for having our dinner down at the like. Suddenly the horizon is changing color and so is the water. What is that?! A strong wind blows up thick layers of pollen- so much […]

happy cows and bouncy bull

After a long winter in the cowshed we finally sent out the cows to pasture – obviously they were longing to get out… Our kind little bull has grown a lot during the past winter and got really bouncy out there. Lilly and Lilian start to get big bellies and hopefully get calves in May. […]

time to gather birch sap

For a couple of weeks a year, just before the buds start sprouting, it is possible to gather birch sap. Here in Sjögetorp it is usually in the end of march. This year later as the winter has been so long and cold. In the south of Sweden it might be too late already, in […]