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new arrival

After the fox took all our hens last winter we finally got new chickens in all thinkable colors. Just a few days old. So cute. They still look a bit confused…


Blue sky, birds are singing, the air is full of spring, of life, of birth. The other sound – the radio news – full of fear, death, hollocausts. Sadness. Frustration. Fear. Anger. There are so many thoughts in my head, feelings in my heart. When will we start to take care of the world we […]

hunting wolves

People keep asking if we have shot the fox yet. No, we haven´t. In fact – was it not my fault as I actually did not close the hens house?! If we`d shoot the fox it was for no purpose at all the hens got killed. Tomorrow the wolf hunting starts in Sweden. It is […]

This morning when I went out to the barn to feed our cows and sheep I heard a terrible whining weeping voice. Normally our cat “Trasan” immediately meets me up but not today. Where was she? I finally found her in the silo sitting in the oats. Poor little thing. Wonder how she could end […]