Carpet "Green"

Design: Ulrika Krynitz

Photo: Carl Bengtsson

Size: 200 x 280 cm

Quality: 100% New Zealand wool, hand tuft, cut into different levels and shapes

Möbelmässan 2010
Stockholm Furniture Fair



Family and friends, golf buddies and colleagues can now enjoy practicing, matches, parties and even tournaments on your living room green, the centrepiece of the bureau, lobby, golf club or your home. A great conversation item and your pride and joy.

Green is a high quality tufted carpet in 100% NZ wool designed by Ulrika Krynitz for Urnatur.
The original inspiration comes from the moss in our Swedish woods. Soft hills in different green nuances and levels - wonderful to walk on bare foot.
The result reminded so much of the putting green of a golf course that soon the idea to make the carpet "green" was born.  
The hole, or "cup" has about its right size even if it is not so deep. It can be covered with a plug. The plug protects the carpets and makes the hole nearly invisible when not being played on.
Just reveal the plug before you start playing.

Depending from where you putt it is more or less difficult and fast with its different levels small hills and edges. Not only beautiful but also very fun! Pull out the plug of the carpet and putt the ball into the cup.

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