yoga retreat

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Are you a yoga teacher looking for a place for your retreats?

We get many requests from yoga teachers.
As the season is short and the weekends few we have made it easy for both you and us:
Just book the nature night concept on our website – as many huts and beds as you need – and then book our studio. There is space for about 10-15 people in our studio.
The studio costs 500,- for half a day.
With the nature night-concept you can choose the huts you want if you book early and you also can choose to make it cheaper by choosing the the moss temple and the wolf cot with four beds for example – or you can make it exclusive by choosing treehouses. Also it gets cheaper when you book several nights – or if you book weekdays during our low season.


In the morning between 9 – 10.00 am we serve a nice breakfast buffet in the tin castle.

Other meals you cook in our outdoor kitchen with vegetables from our garden. Our nature night concept is vegetarian and also works nicely as a vegan concept.
The kitchen is equipped with everything you need, both ingredients, pots and pans :)
Cooking together over the open fire is a great adventure for everyone and can add your experiences of mindfulness. Of course we could also serve meals, but beside it makes it more expensive for you we have made the experience that our guests feel more involved and understand the philosophy of Urnatur which is important for us.
We hope you enjoy our concept :)

Please notice:
Between 10-11.00 am we need to be able to pass through the studio to access the shop.
But as it is right after breakfast this should not be a problem.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]