about life in the woods

Welcome to Life in the Woods

Forest is more than just pulp and timber!

At one time we all came from the forest.

The forest has shaped us into the people we are today.

Without the forest, we could not live. Without the forest, we could not survive.
It gave us shelter, timber, firewood, rawmaterials for all sorts of tools and
other items. There we could hunt, gather mushrooms and berries and other edibles,
there was our pharmacy …
The forest was our home. Here we were safe.
It is not long since we abandoned the forest for a modern life.
On the way, we got lost.
Welcome, little forest man, to reclaim old skills and insights!
Here at Urnatur you can learn a lot about the forest, experience the forest
with all your senses and get closer to yourself.
Welcome home!


Sure, we may have changed a bit on the surface,
but our heart, soul and our genes  are unchanged.

No wonder we feel so good in the woods!

Let our ancient soul check in to the woods,
balancing on logs, climbing trees …

Learn how to:
– build a Swedish log cabin
– recognize the most common tree species and what to use them for
– climb as high up in a tree as you dare – safely
– split wood with an ax and learn to master the skills of lighting a fire
– collect plants for food and medicine …
… and MUCH more!

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