The Bath-house 
Here you can find:
– Three solar heated showers
– two urine separated toilets


The bath house is built in standing timber as old stave churches but with a tin roof and modern solar cells that drives the water pump and solar shower.

Also there is a wood heated sauna and outside there are two wood fired hot tubs – here one can philosophize until late into the night under the gazing stars. The hot tubs are unfortunately for group bookings only (as conferences) during spring and autumn. When the sauna is heated it also provides heat and hot water for two generous washrooms. As in the Japanese bath houses you use pallet, washcloth and buckets of hot water. 


Here we serve dinner for groups 10-16p. It is a super cozy little house without electricity and with a nice and warming open fireplace. It is located in the middle of the wood hermitage and is a copy of a small 1700century timbered hut from Östergötland. We believe there must have been a house (just like this one?) placed on this exact spot long time ago. Storstugan means “big hut” which really is an exaggeration as it is rather small. 

Linda’s privy
Every house in Sjögetorp has its own story – so does this privy, built by two German hiking journeymen: Linda, carpenter and Maxi who is a potterer.
First, they dug up the clay from the pond, mixed it with straw and made their own air dried bricks. Linda built a small traditional (german) timber-framed house and signed it finally with a heart shaped lime leaf instead of the traditional heart :)
It is a urine separated toilet.

showers and toilets at the bathhouse

All our toilets are urine separated. The urine is later spread on the fields as a fertilizer and will help the grass grow that will be hay and ensilage for the sheep in winter.
The  human poo is composted in a special compost but is not used later for anything.
There are three showers next to the bath house. This shower with a view into the forest is powered by solar power. The other two also have a backup for bad weather without sun.

Tin Castle
While the other cottages are clustered 500m from the farm house up in the forestthe tin castle is located down at the lake, looking like a crystal with its faceted roof.
This is our room for breakfast, lunch, fika, meetings and a lot more. Here we have access to electricity, wifi, internet and data projector.
Our main source of heat here is a large organic masonry stove in the middle of the room. The shape of the windows are inspired by the angles of rock crystal.
The breakfast is served here during our “nature nights“.

yoga- & meeting room
Next to our little shop where we sell lambskins from our farm and a collection with printed textiles with our design along with some 
outdoor equipment we have a room that can both be used for small meetings or as a yoga room for app 16p. The room has large windows and balcony with a view over the lake. Here we can arrange internet and wifi. There is also a toilet (WC). 

big kåta 
Our big tipi is great for events, conference groups and for our private guests during our “nature nights”. It is a backup for bad weather, a nice place to sit around a big fire after the dinner, an extra space for cooking and it is used for a lot more than that. It is close to the outdoor kitchen and the lake.

outdoor kitchen
This is the outdoor kitchen that you will use for cooking during the “nature nights” and at other cooking events. It is close to the lake. Here is a fridge with dairy products, some vegan alternatives, lots of herbs and spices, grains, lenses and other basics, fresh vegetables from the garden, pots & pans, plates & glasses – well – everything you need really. You cook over the open fire but there is also a gas-oven as a backup. Let the cooking be your daily adventure and have fun with it :)