have a look at our cabins and treehouses

In our huts and treehouses you live in harmony with nature:

When it gets cold – make a fire.
When it gets dark – lit a lantern

IMG_3637……looking for my hut in the dark woods…

quick overview of all our huts and treehouses 

aircastle   2pdouble bed 160 cm – children not allowed here!
little treehouse   1pone (rather small) single bed 
little Raven Nest   2pone single bed & one small extra bed
big Raven Nest   4p one double bed 180cm & two extra beds
hat hut   2ptwo single beds that can be put together or pulled apart 
forest cabin (pilgrims hut)   2ptwo single beds
charcoalers hut   2ptwo single beds
mosstempel   4pfour single beds
wolf cot   4pfour single beds
the glade   4ptwo futon mattresses  á 150cm
totalt 27p


( 2 persons)
This cozy romantic treehouse was built as many of our guest requested a treehouse for two persons. A spiral staircase that grows out from the pine tree leads you up to the veranda. Another little ladder brings you even up higher – to a gazebo on the roof of the treehouse. Another platform around a pine tree can be reached by a suspension bridge. The room itself is rather small with a 160cm double bed and a view over both forest and pastures. The perfect place for your honeymoon!
PS: This hut is not safe and suitable for kids!

little treehouse

( 1 single bed)
Our first treehouse built of old spare windows and what else leftovers there could be found – inspired by the life of Huckleberry Finn. Despite – or maybe because of-  its plank walls and tar paper roof, the little tree house is charming with its simplicity. Anchored in two sturdy aspens it offers a magnificent view of a small dale and the swan lake. The hut is the brightest and smallest house of them all. Are you perhaps suffering from writer’s block? You’ll rekindle your inspiration here. Be prepared that the house may sway and croak when the wind grabs hold of the tree crowns. The bed in the little treehouse is a little smaller than average.

The Raven Nest

The Raven Nest is a treehouse in two sections.
These two treehouses (the big (4p) & the small raven nest (2 persons) needs to be booked separately. 



the big Raven Nest  

2-4 persons (double bed + 2 extra beds)
The Big Raven Nest is Urnatur´s luxury suite for THE special day. The Raven Nest is also our “family tree” – the treehouse for the big family. As the aircastle is not suitable for kids we 2014 built the Raven Nest where you can stay with your kids or grandchildren. If you also book the little Raven Nest there is space for up to 6 persons.The Raven Nest is anchored in ten pine trees. Stairs and a footbridge lead you up to theBig Raven Nest: A huge room (for being a treehouse) with ten sacral windows looking out over the forest, with a big double bed (180 cm) and two couches that can be converted to beds. From the balcony you can view over the little pond and the woods. 

from the Raven huts guestbook:

What a privilege to stay in the new tree house. Urnatur has once again hooked its magic on our family-in this endless summer 07`14. Thank you. Our stay in the trees felt like a Tolkienesque childhood dream rolled into a lifelong yearning for the outdoors.

The Little Raven Nest

( 1 single bed + 1 small extra bed (75×200 cm)
Halfway up to the Big Raven Nest you pass by the Little Raven Nest, which is a small (!) room with one bed and a couch that can be converted to a smaller bed + a little desktop with a view into the forest. The Little Raven Nest is the first part of the Raven Nest treehouse that is built into two sections. This room has space for one person and a sofa that can be used as an extra bed for another smaller person (75x200cm). It has a little table with a view out over the woods – perfect for writing.A Perfect extra room for the teenies in a big family or maybe for grandma…Or just as a “budget treehouse” ;)

The hat cabin

(2 single beds that can be pulled apart or put together)
The hat cabin is a six-cornered bole house with a copper roof. All furniture/wooden interior is designed and built by Niclas Hallberg for Urnatur, inspired and cross-pollinated by Japanese style and Swedish craftsmanship. The cabin is spacious with a high ceiling and a chandelier that lights up the room. Beds can either set into a double bed or pull apart into two single beds. Ravens are hovering above the copper roof. The hat cabin is inspired by Elsa Beskows fairytales.
From the hat cabins guestbook:

Beautiful, wonderful and totally renewing. Thank you for having us here at Urnatur. The hattstuga was just perfect. We slept and rested like babies. Loved meeting you and the other guests. Loved swimming, row-boating, showering in the sunshine, feeling the soft mossy earth, listening to the birdsongs at dawn, breathing in this leaf-filtered air. This is how life should be! All the time. Thank you for inspiration that we will take with us back to Stockholm and beyond. We look forward to returning this autumn. Until then, be well //Bethany & Alfredo

Forest cabin/ pilgrims hut

(2 single beds)
The forest cabinIn a way this hut is our most traditional cabin in its style. On the other hand not at all as it is a total mixture of various cultures and building techniques:
A traditional Swedish bole house with a Russian-inspired roof design with tarred boards. In summertime when the sun is hot you can sense a faint scent of tar in the air. The cabin is real craftsmanship and on the outside you can see the marks of the axe. Even this wooden lock of the pilgrims hut is hand built- actually.
The interior is Amish inspired with a sober Amish inner decoration and an inscription quoting H D Thoreau. The details are painted with egg tempera. The two cozy built-in beds have Ulrika’s blackthorn–patterned curtains. There is plenty of space for storage underneath the beds. Of course there is a wood stove in the forest hut or pilgrims hut as we also call it. 

from the forest hut guestbook: 

I really like this hut!!! I want this in Japan!!! I don´t wanna leave here!!! Even there isn´t any electricity //

Charcoalers hut

2 single beds
The hut is inspired by ancient charcoaler’s huts with a timbered frame and turf roof. The hut with its mossy roof vanishes into the surrounding forest. Originally these huts were built as protection against wild animals, weather and wind, with at least the means for cooking a cup of coffee. The charcoalers hut is – just as these huts used to be – small, dark and hence very cozy. To emphasize its simplicity, its Spartan feel, we have designed and built iron beds with a gulag-feel for the hut. The hut offers a roof over your heads and warmth. An earthy shelter for those who really wish a break from the everyday life. To stay in the charcoalers hut with its turf roof at Urnaturs Wood Hermitage is a genuine experience.

wolf cot & moss temple

(4 single beds/cabin)
The cots have four beds each – perfect for a group of friends or family with children.
 Both are inspired by the Sami culture in the North of Scandinavia. They have peat roofs and a timber frame, inspired by the Sames timbered cots. Besides the wood stove, you will also find a central fire place for an open fire. Summertime the cabin’s roofs are covered with wild strawberries. Wolf cot is “more modern” and lighter, while moss temple is darker and in the forest. The interior of the moss cabin is mossy of course…

The moss cabin – or as we call it the moss temple – is comparable to the Wolf Cot. But its interior is characterized by Ulrikas moss pattern textiles and carpets. The moss cabin is the only cabin where we allow dogs!

from the wolf cots guestbook: 

What a wonderful time we had…Making fires, picking wild strawberries, foraging for mushrooms, rowing boats in the sunset, sitting in the sauna & talking to enthusiastic & super knowledgeable hosts. Thank you for your hospitality and for bringing Urnatur into existence. May it continue to thrive.

The Glade

2 futons á 150 cm (4p)
The Glade is the newest cottage, inspired by the American settler cottages with a cute small porch – with a rocking chair! The cottage differs a little from the others  in that it is a bit further away (but really only about 100m from the bathhouse actually). It is in our forest bath area and for a period there are also sheep grazing next to the hut. But there is a small fence around the porch that keeps them out if they get too curious and annoying. Here you are completely for yourself. From the porch you look out over giant stone hills and the forest is just like you would imagine a “Ronja Rövardotter”- forest. There is an old star map in the cottage that may be a small help when  gazing at the starry sky. The hut also has its own urine separated toilet.

In the hut there are two futon mattresses á 150 cm each. One of them on a loft – the kids love it up here – but not the smallest! Smaller children should sleep downstairs.