forest retreat


6-10 june 2018

The forest is a magic place.
Perhaps not so strange when you start thinking that it’s actually here we belong – we are genetically adapted for a life in the woods – not for a living on the couch or in town. The woods were our home were we hunted animals and gathered food and materials for tools, medicine and housings.

Here at Urnatur we are no therapists or psychologists, but we know a lot about the forest itself. And also we know what it does to you in term of wellbeing. We want to share our knowledge and inspire to spend more time in the forest. With this forest retreat we have created a little backpack of knowledge and experiences to bring along your knew life with the woods.

Learning to love the forest and to feel safe in the forest is also a lot about knowledge and about positive experiences. Knowledge is vital in a survival situation. What can you eat, what are the plants in the forest that you can use for medicine, how can I light succeed in lightening a fire so I can warm up and cook, how do I handle a knife, how do I build a simple cabin for the night …
During our forest retreat there will be a wonderful balance between meditative and practical exercises and knowledge sharing.
And we’re gonna have fun, of course!

Both Håkan and Ulrika are very interested in ethnobiology and the forest as a ecosystem. How does our brain work and what makes us human? These are questions we are passionate about and where everything falls into place in this forest retreat.

More information and FAQ

We start the morning by experiencing the forest with all our senses. Presence in silent community. Our minds and soul awake together with the forest.
After that we will wake up the body. Depending on the weather, we will be either in the forest or in the yoga studio. Here we mix yoga and natural movements among other things.

Activities: The forest is more than a green mass:
We look at the different species of wood and what they can be used for, as well as other herbs, lichens, mushrooms and berries that humans have used for different purposes. We will talk about forest gardens, the relation of the forest to the rest of the farm, some thoughts about the forest as a ecosystem and forestry.
Håkan will teach some survival, like making fire with different techniques, handling the knife and the ax and how to build a simple hut in the woods?
You will also practice to cook food over open fire …

Are you in need of silence and do you want to learn more and try a forest bath? Then we have made a program for you with self-meditation in the woods. Or try  instead our special forest bath retreat :)

Check in, arrival: 15.00
Check out, departure: 11.00

time schedule
7.30 –  8.00    quiet morning in the forest: the forest wakes up, our soul awakes
8.15 –  8.30    morning in the studio or forest: the body wakes up
9.00 – 10.00  breakfast
10.00 – 15.00  different activities, lunch in the woods

After 15.00 own time.  For example, self-meditation in the woods, wood fired sauna, swimming in the lake, canoeing, fishing, SUP boards, forest walks, hammocks …

Breakfast: Delicious breakfast buffet is served in the tin castle.
Lunch: We eat together in the woods.
Dinner: Made by participants themselves in our outdoor kitchen by the lake. The outdoor kitchen is equipped with all that is needed to cook a organic vegetarian dinner. There is a gas stove as well, but the intention is that the participants practice cooking over the open fire. The food can be cooked by yourself or in groups.
NOTE: Fish and meat is not included but can be purchased (lamb from the farm, perch or rainbow trout from the lake or own fish farm). So even beer and wine. We have a nice little collection of natural wines.

Last night we end with thoughts and stories about the campfire.

To bring:
Soft clothes for yoga and meditation that you can use in the forest. Good shoes for bad weather and rainwear to pull over. Warm clothes just in case. Small simple backpack to carry in the woods. Slippers for the cottage. Swimwear.

No previous knowledge required !

Welcome :)

The leaders for this forest retreat:
Håkan Strotz:
Forester, survival instructor at SÖS (Swedish Survival Society), founder and owner of Urnatur.
Håkan works daily in the woods and with the forest. He has, among other things, built all houses, cottages and tree houses in Urnatur’s wood hermitage. Fire and wood are Hakan’s elements, knife and ax his tools, and the Taurus his zodiac sign ;)
Ulrika Krynitz:
Biologist, herbalist, designer, guide for natural movement, yoga and forest bath, founder and owner of Urnatur.
For Ulrika the forest is a sacred place. But also a place to gather herbs for food and medicine and the best spot to practice well being.

Cost & Registration for Forest Retreat 6-10 June 2018

Price shared accommodation 9800, – incl. VAT
Forest Retreat with four nights. The price includes space in a shared cabin or tree house in the woods as well as full board (retreat cost 4600, -, board and lodging 5200, -).

Price single room 11800, – incl. VAT

The forest retreat with four nights. The price includes single room in a cottage or tree house in the woods as well as full board (retreat cost 4600, -, board and lodging 7200, -).

On our application form you can indicate allergies if you want to share rooms with any particular person, etc.
During our retreat, the unit price is regardless of cabin.

Children are welcome from 14 years of age.

Send your application to:
Enter full name, address, tel. + Company. Indicate which retreat is intended as well as date.

Registration is binding. We will send an invoice with a deposit of 3000, -.
Only when the deposit fee is paid are you registered.
The deposit fee is non refundable but also non-personal if you can find a replacement.

The remaining amount will be billed about 2 months before the retreat.

NB: Limited number of participants!