Urnatur with its wood hermitage cabins is spread out over a larger area comprised of several buildings along a gravel road. From the the accomodation it is about 500m gravel road to the farm with its parking and another 150m green to the lake and the tin castle  where breakfast is served. We are happy to help with transportation of guests and baggage as needed.

Our cottages
Urnaturs cabins and restrooms are not handicapped, but most buildings are quite easily accessible with a little help. The most spacious and brightest option is the hat cabin and the pilgrim cabin. A small staircase with two steps lead up to these two cabins.

The Tin Castle (which is used both as a conference room, breakfast room and sometimes at various events as cafe or as a banquet facility) is located on the ground level. There are large windows with natural light during the day but it can be a bit sketchy at the rainy weather and when it gets dark outside. There are no hearing loops available.

Inform us always in advance if there is anything we need to know about!
Diet: Please inform us in advance if there is something you can not tolerate.
Urnaturs all premises are smoke and pet free.
Blankets and pillows in the cabins are filled with down.
 electrical hypersensitivity:  there is no electricity in the wood hermitage and measurements have been done with very good results and low radiation. Our hermit weekends or summer stay can be recommended for people hypersensitive to electricity.
There is also a minimal amount of solvents, perfumes or other allergenic products as we avoid all perfumes and only use environmental friendly products.

Urnatur is animal-free, but we accept dogs in the moss temple and in the forest cabin (pilgrims hut).