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dormouse nest by Hannes Wingate / art(ist) in nature

How can art enhance Urnaturs message? We believe that art is one way of strenghten peoples experience of nature. Therefore we have been thinking of involving art and artists into our work. When we got in contact with Hannes Wingate everything fell into place. His thoughts about nests fitted like a glove into Urnaturs values. […]

här var det härligt

When we moved to this farm the house was totally emptied. No sign of history at all from Olga who used to live here once. But I found this page from a magazine in the outhouse, it says something like “here it´s wonderful”. I kept it and try to keep that mood as well :)

closing down for winter

Nights are getting colder, longer and kind of darker and we are finally closing down for this season. It is not that it isn´t beautiful wintertime that we close down. In fact I am astonished every autumn again. It is like an eye opener. Somehow you see details, nuances and feel fragrances much better in […]


Early morning view over our undomesticated former herb garden. The marshmallow (to the right)is flowering and I hope I will have time to make some experimenting to make real “marshmallow” soon.