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Ecotourism Companies Protest against Forest Destruction in Sweden

View of the valuable forest area in Messlingen planned to be felled by Stora Enso. Anåfjället (mountain) in the background. Ecotourism Companies Protest against Forest Destruction in Sweden December 6, 2017 – Stockholm, Sweden: In an open letter, 56 travel, ecotourism and guide companies demand that all remaining high conservation value forests in Sweden must […]

komorebi: “sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees”

Gabriele Kubo, German florist master, resident in Japan for many years, came to Urnatur during July 2017 as an artist in nature to create a “flower table” in the forest. To arrange flowers directly in nature has long been Gabriele’s dream. The ever-changing lights and shadows of the forest fascinated Gabriele. Therefore – instead of giving […]

wedding in the woods

Photographed by Karin Linden, Lönnbacka Photographers (Lönnbackafotograferna) who captured the mood and the day. Below is a small selection of Karin’s pictures. Many more can be found here on their website. Just like Karin says: “Lönnbacka Photographers (and Urnaturs) philosophy so similar. Mindfulness. Nature. Harmony. Simplicity. Poetry. And forest. It is almost synonymous with Lönnbacka: […]

dormouse nest by Hannes Wingate / art(ist) in nature

How can art enhance Urnaturs message? We believe that art is one way of strenghten peoples experience of nature. Therefore we have been thinking of involving art and artists into our work. When we got in contact with Hannes Wingate everything fell into place. His thoughts about nests fitted like a glove into Urnaturs values. […]