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komorebi: “sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees”

Gabriele Kubo, German florist master, resident in Japan for many years, came to Urnatur during July 2017 as an artist in nature to create a “flower table” in the forest. To arrange flowers directly in nature has long been Gabriele’s dream. The ever-changing lights and shadows of the forest fascinated Gabriele. Therefore – instead of giving […]

the Anthropologist

“The Anthropologistmakes wonderful small documentaries from all over the world. In September they were following Håkan throughout some days, taking pictures and videos of Håkan fishing, making fire, picking mushrooms… It was great fun – have a look at them :) Here below are some of Ryan Scotts cute pictures – To me this little […]

Supermodel at Urnatur

In September the Philadelphia based fashion company “Anthropologie” visited Urnatur for shooting their December catalogue… Here is Caroline Winberg posing ;) Now finally you can see the result at their website. Have a look at their wonderful odd (more pictures from Sjögetorp if you order their catalog…) Here down below you can see some […]

skogsrå seen in wood hermitage

skogsrå seen in wood hermitage swedish skogsrå

As far back as man can remember, the forest has played the bad guy in our collective imaginations. And of course it has given Swedes their fair share of dark tales. The mythical shadow of the enchanting skogsrå (literally a “spirit of the forest”, a half-girl, half-demon who lures woodsmen… → have a look at Volvos […]