komorebi: “sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees”

Gabriele Kubo,

German florist master, resident in Japan for many years, came to Urnatur during July 2017 as an artist in nature to create a “flower table” in the forest.
To arrange flowers directly in nature has long been Gabriele’s dream. The ever-changing lights and shadows of the forest fascinated Gabriele. Therefore – instead of giving the table a name – the whole place was named Komorebi – 木 漏 れ 日, a unique Japanese word for the phenomenon of “sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees”.

Such a beautiful word. I see the by the sunlight lit patches of moss and leaves in the woods with new eyes wondering why a corresponding term is lacking in other languages. Picture can never do it justice. You can’t help but have a sense of awe and peace when you witness Komorebi in reality.


first inauguration of komorebi – here decorated with sheer cow parsley
picnic at Komorebi – here decorated with autumn anemones

木=ki ( tree, trees)
漏=moreru ( escape)
日=hi ( light, sun)

The light of the forest is constantly changing

The sun shines up a small spot of moss, instantly moving on to spotlight another selected area of the foliage and woodland. Here is nothing persistent. Mirrors of sheet metal lie on the table that catches light and shadows. Here at this low table you sit in eye height with the woodland, inviting you to have a closer look at all the tiny exquisite details of the mosses, lichens and flowers you maybe just normally step onto at a forest walk.
Gabriele has planted the surrounding woodland into the table, but let a surface be open ground. On the question why did she explain that there must be an “open space”. A place where nature itself can decide what’s going to happen to it. I thought that was a wonderful thought.

the smallest flowers make the loveliest shadows
table decorated with LADY’S BEDSTRAW …
forest Elf Gabriele
Opening with tree-top champagne. Picture: Krautkopf Shoot Urnatur Aug 2017
Interactive table

Gabriele has created a unique meeting place in the middle of the forest. Komorebi is a creative place and all our guests are invited to both decorate and – of course – use the table. By putting flowers or grass into the small vases that are stuck into the earth, you can easily and quickly change the look of the table.

The rest is left to your phantasy.

At 12.30 pm Komorebi will be there in the summer if you are lucky and the sun is not covered by clouds.
Hope you will be there, too :)

 Krautkopf Shoot Urnatur Aug 2017

Krautkopf Shoot Urnatur Aug 2017
Gabriele Kubo with her daughter and helper Katarina
When the light hits the table, the shadows of the surrounding plants are reflected in the plates.

With pictures of Susann Probst & Yannic Schon ( Kraut-Kopf)
See their blog posts here with more gorgeous pictures:


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