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first flowering wood anemones & time to gather birch sap

Sunday. Almost like a summers day. Tula helped me in the garden, digging. Lots of butterflies out in the sun already. Found some yummy weeds (leaves and flowers of daisies and tiny ground elder leaves)and had in the salad for lunch. Today we saw the first wood anemones flowering in the garden. Another first class […]


Within only three days both our cows got their calves. Their first calf. And our first as well :) Two little babybulls. This is the calf that was born this morning. It is much more greyish and looks a bit like a moose to me. We have to hurry to mark them with their ugly […]

pollen sky

pollen sky pollensky

the other day… The lake is calm like a mirror as it has been for the last week/s, we are just preparing for having our dinner down at the like. Suddenly the horizon is changing color and so is the water. What is that?! A strong wind blows up thick layers of pollen- so much […]

hunting wolves

People keep asking if we have shot the fox yet. No, we haven´t. In fact – was it not my fault as I actually did not close the hens house?! If we`d shoot the fox it was for no purpose at all the hens got killed. Tomorrow the wolf hunting starts in Sweden. It is […]

This morning when I went out to the barn to feed our cows and sheep I heard a terrible whining weeping voice. Normally our cat “Trasan” immediately meets me up but not today. Where was she? I finally found her in the silo sitting in the oats. Poor little thing. Wonder how she could end […]

in memoriam

At night the fox regularly checks his reserves under the shed and takes a snack… I can tell as he leaves his big footprints and some feathers in the snow. Our hens and our beautiful cock were adorable. I really miss them but I know they had a very happy life. Here is a picture […]