URNATUR DESIGN – our own collection of fabrics and carpets


The nature of our beautiful North from fjeld to coast
has given its inspiration to form & colour, pattern & nuances, lights and shades
to awake a feeling, a memory, an association

Welcome to botanize amongst mosses and bark beetles,
jelly fish and algae, wind and water, ice and snow…

…as tufted and hand knotted carpets , interior textiles, glass etc.
designed by Ulrika Krynitz for Urnatur

in our shop at the farm you will find our textiles, but also finest sheep skins from the farm and other nice things that are useful for a simple life in a hut or other things related to nature and forest.

Best time to visit our shop is at our check-out time between 10.00 – 11.00 May- September
Give us a call:

One Comment

  • Hej.
    Jag undrar om mosstyg finns kvar. En eller flera varianter?
    Ev ska jag sy en mässhake till vår församling och mosstyget skulle vara vackert i en mässhake tycker jag.
    Vilken bredd ligger tyget på?
    Ren bomull antar jag. Eller lin?
    Har du möjligen en liten/ eller fler, provbitar? Då skulle jag kunna presentera tyget i församlingen.
    Susann Söderblom
    Muspelhem, Kårsta
    18696 Vallentuna
    073 6122262


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