Terms & conditions for bookings online

When is my reservation confirmed ?

The reservation is binding for both Urnatur and you as a customer as soon as Urnatur has confirmed the booking . You are solely responsible to check the booking confirmation line as soon as you receive it . Any errors must be reported immediately.

Booking and payment
You pay the entire amount immediately upon booking. Booking amount is charged to your debit or credit card. All prices are inclusive of VAT. All bookings are confirmed via email .

Rebooking and cancellation
Free cancellation up to 40 days before arrival.
39-11 days before arrival 50 % of the booking amount
and cancellation later than 10 days prior to arrival will be charged 100% of the booking amount .

Please note that additional cancellation policy may apply for certain products, please check your confirmation carefully.
Cancellation is valid when you have received confirmation of your cancellation by mail. Any booking fee is non-refundable . Not canceled the booking as above , you may not recover the booking amount . Reimbursement is not guaranteed if the cancellation is made directly to the facility.

Check-in – late arrival
Unless otherwise stated in the booking confirmation for check-in at the latest . 18:00. For later arrivals must be notified the facility in advance to avoid the risk that the room is rented to another customer.
Please come in time – at the latest at 17.00 – as we are going through practical questions down in the outdoor kitchen at 5pm.

check in: 15.00-17.00
check out: 11.00

Errors that occur during your stay must be reported immediately to the facility. If you neglected to seek redress during the stay , you can not subsequently claim compensation. If you are still not satisfied with the compensation / remuneration, communicate this in writing within 7 days of departure to Urnatur.
If we do not agree, you can turn to the National Board for Consumer Complaints . It consists of an independent chairperson and representatives of travel agents and consumers.

The Personal Data Act (PUL)
By paying you agree that personal information may be processed by BookVisit . The purpose of this is to allow customary administration , to ensure that Urnatur has access to reliable documentation in the event of accidents, and to manage and treat any injuries. The information may also be used to provide information about insurance and payment services and travel -related offers . Guest may also be contacted for market research.

Travel Guarantee
Urnatur has completed Travel Guarantee at Kammarkollegiet . Guarantee law protects travelers when they buy a package tour of an organizer who provided guarantees to the Administrative Services Agency . That means you buying a package tour of Urnatur (room + course) is insured if the trip is canceled because the hotel went bankrupt. Note that this only applies to a packaged trip and will not apply if such only buy lodging.

Subject to legislative changes, price changes and obstacles as Force Majeure which is beyond our control. In cases where the trip because of these reasons can not be implemented is Nordic Travel free from liability for damages or other penalties.

Other reservations , ie, group bookings and conferences, weddings at Urnatur : ask us for a quote!
You reach Urnatur on tel: +46 (0) 144-10234 or email info@urnatur.se.