artist in nature

This year (2014) we are proud to present Urnaturs first project and artist in residence” 

– the dormouse nest – by Hannes Wingate

We believe that art is one way of strenghtening peoples experience of nature.
Therefore we like the idea of involving art and artists.
When we got in contact with Hannes Wingate everything fell into place.
His thoughts about nests fitted like a glove into Urnaturs values.

“Wingate sees the nest as a symbol of the individuals power to both decide what it needs and wants to create, based on a deep relationship and understanding of the land. Using the nesting process of birds as a creative strategy. Found materials, the discarded, flimsy and valueless, are fused together to create structure, space and often beauty. The making of the nest connects its maker and user to the land where it was made. As such it is a strategy to connect to nature and to places in much the same way as we have created shelter and homes for most of history. In the increasingly disconnected and abstract world this strategy or effect becomes in many ways more important than the object itself.

Hannes Wingate believes that being connected to nature changes us and lays a foundation upon which we make better decisions.

The nest symbolizes the basic needs: proximity, sense of context and creativity. It raises memories of being a child or in many cases living more simply or closer to the land.”

Do you want to be our next artist in (Ur)nature?

Perhaps you have something in mind that you would like to contribute or share ?
It can be any kinds of expression whatsoever. The only thing that is important to us is that it is something that enhances the image of Urnatur and what we want to convey.

Write an email with your idea and with some references of things you have made ​​earlier.
How long you think it would take. What do you need to implement your idea? Material, helping hands ?

Accommodation and facilities
Accommodation will be here on the farm in a small loft apartment (1-2 people). You also have access to our staff kitchen, shower / toilet and carpentry.

during the summer when we have our summer residents (July / August) . Please define what period of time / weeks you would prefer.

The same conditions as our guests booked in the woods. Breakfast buffet included, access to outdoor kitchen with ingredient. Sometimes we can also cook and eat together.

When to apply
We will not announce any official artcamp or artist in residence as we just make this just for fun – and maybe not even every year.
We will make a decision in April/May if and who we want to invite.

– We don´t pay any travel expenses
– we don´t pay any salary
– your stay is free and you may bring one more person if you like.
– food is free (see above) for you (and one more person)
material costs will be payed by Urnatur

In the end of the summer
project we celebrate with some kind of display / public vernissage / opening depending on the kind of work.
We will also present it in pictures and words on Urnaturs social medias such as website, facebook, blog, instagram and pinterest.