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An open fire is the best catalyst when it comes to elicit funny stories and good ideas …
It is surprisingly easy to both hatch new ideas, find new solutions to old problems and discuss the meaning of life at a small fire.
We believe that our environment at Urnatur unites colleagues and gets us in the right mindset better than any modern techniques ever will be able to.
The accommodation in the forest hermitage is genuine, simple but comfortable. You live in hand timbered cabins and genuine treehouses without electricity. We want to offer you a very personal, genuine and inspiring venue.
Here at the wood hermitage your company can be all for yourself. Urnatur can also be interesting for your foreign customers or key persons who are eager to see Sweden as its best. We have many foreign guests from all over the world who come here specifically to experience Urnatur.

Conference facilities
We are open for conference bookings from April to October.
The ideal size of a conference group at Urnatur is 12-16 people. But we can accommodate groups up to about 20 to maximum 27 people. We offer all services from meals to events and activities.
In our conference room down at the lake we have electricity, data projector, internet and wi fi. Here we also serve breakfast, fika and lunch. Groups with more than 16 guests also eat dinner here.

Sustainable – green meetings
Urnatur tries to be as environmentally friendly as ever possible.
To be honest I think there are few if any who can be more sustainable.
Housings, tin castle and the sauna are heated with wood from our own forest, shower water is heated with solar energy. The trees we take down are carefully selected to make space for another tree to gain an even higher biodiversity. During summer season we are nearly totally self sufficient on energy with solar panels.
The water comes from our own wells. Our toilets are urine separating. The urine is spread out on the fields later to fertilize our sheeps grazing grounds. All meat we serve comes from our own farm. It is about 95% lamb and 5% wild game such as deer and moose. The lambs are born in April and graze on our ancient natural pastures for all their life and help use to maintain our rich biodiversity on the farm. We also serve fish from lake Visjö (perch, pike, roach) and sometimes for special occasions crayfish if the season is right.
During springtime we serve a lot of wild herbs, summertime and autumn all vegetable and herbs we serve are from our organic kitchen garden, complementing with mushrooms from the forest. All other ingredients we use are organic as far as ever possible.


Urnatur is in the middle of the South of Sweden, close to the highway E4.
4 hours drive from Malmo, three hours from Stockholm and two hours from Gothenburg.
Bus (Swebus express) is the best collective means of transport to get to Ödeshög with. Stop Ödeshög / Östgöta Rasta.
The nearest train station (30km) is Mjölby and Tranås.
The nearest airports are in Jönkoping and Linköping.
Other international airports:
Stockholm/Skavsta (Ryan air) it takes 2 hours by car, Copenhagen and Stockholm Arlanda 3-4 hours.

For quotes and more information contact Urnatur.



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