With simple means, you have to construct a raft as you have to get hold of something important on the island … Back on land you have to try the noble art of making fire without matches. Eventually you will bake bark bread and make coffee over your fire. …an activity with lots of different elements that leads to many laughs. This will also show if you are good at solving problems and collaborate …
Duration about 3 hours

To meet colleagues in casual forms is nice and may even break the ice in many ways. It can promote a nicer atmosphere and better cooperation on the job …But the pub environment is not everyone’s thing …
So why not come to an after work at Urnatur!
At a cozy fire in the tent, at the lake or the tin castle at nightfall it tastes extra good with a glass of beer and some snacks. The fire is the best catalyst when it comes to elicit funny stories and good ideas …

Especially if you are a small group, it is a good idea to implement parts of the meeting outside. We can give you tips on nice places to walk to in the area. We can arrange a picnic with thermoses and baskets / bags.
The activity provides a great deal of fresh air and time for many fruitful discussions during the tour.

The idea is that all our activities should be fun, earthy, instructive, providing time and space for dialogue, discussion and cooperation.


Pelle Holmberg


We have a large network of talented colleagues with different specialities.
Massage, business development, crafts, survival, feel-good activities …
You know best what’s needed right now.
Tell us about your wishes or needs, we will be delighted to help you!Together we can create exciting events also in other places than here at home in Sjögetorp.

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