The Autumn Equinox Retreat

Welcome to the Autumn Equinox Retreat at Urnatur the 22-24th of September 2023. 

Refill with calm new energy during this weekend of the Autumn Equinox to be prepared for the darker season that will come.

During these special days you will reconnect to nature, to yourself, your senses and your body.

This retreat will help you to:

  • boost your mood and energy
  • relax and ground yourself
  • connect to likeminded people
  • connect more deeply with yourself and the people around you
  • reconnect to nature and your senses
  • bring deeper presence
  • balance your inner darkness and brightness
We will create a warm and inviting safe space, guiding you through this journey with an uplifting and mindful approach. Together we’ll explore practices such as guided meditations, dancing, movements and connection workshops, that will help you connect to the inner and outer nature.
Together we prepare delicious organic vegetarian meals sourced locally at Urnatur and cooked over an open fire in our outdoor kitchen. The timbered huts and tree-houses in the forest are free from electricity which makes it the perfect place to reconnect to nature and slow down our minds. Urnatur’s long history of connecting people with nature and the beautiful surroundings gives the perfect mindset for this retreat. 
– Check in to your huts 
– Opening ceremony & presentation
– Connecting to your senses through cooking & eating
– Relaxation/sauna time
– Morning meditation
– Breakfast buffet 
– Tandava (dance meditation) 
– Gratitude practice
– Lunch
– Symbolic bodily expression
– Dinner
– Dance Party
– Breakfast buffet
– Befriend your shadows
– Lunch
– Closing ceremony & integration practice

Arriving: between 15.00-16.00 on Friday
Leaving: the retreat ends at 16.00 on Sunday

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Come as you are and let us guide youInvite in the new calm energy and let the autumn and winter come! Leave with cherished memories and newfound wisdom. 

Price: from 6000,-SEK /p

book now and get our 10% discount
with code: autumn-equinox@urnatur

NB: Most huts are for 2 or 4 persons. If you are coming on your own and/or want to share a hut with someone else contact us at info@urnatur. We can book you back-office and send an invoice. Price 6000,- 


I grew up here at Urnatur, and life has taken me through different journeys where I have been looking into different worldviews, religions and philosophies. I have been, and still are, questioning everything, understanding some things, and then returning to questioning everything again. I am very curious and love to listen to other people, their thoughts, feelings and reflections about life.

Educationally I have a background in environmental science and in the psychological and therapeutic fields. Dance and connecting to the senses are some of my favorite ways to spend my time living life.


I always knew that there was more to life than the way we were taught to live. 
A special experience of being immersed in a beautiful spot in nature made me open my eyes to how magical nature is. That’s when my spiritual discovery started and my curiosity for sustainable living was sparked. I started meditating & attending ceremonies and started a Master in Global Business & Sustainability, but quickly after that I realized that the corporate world was not for me. I’ve been on a quest to deepen my own practice in meditation, healing trauma, and self-acceptance ever since, so I could pay it forward. It’s my mission to help others live their most authentic lives by connecting to themselves and I’m excited to share that in a retreat setting.