free activities at Urnatur

Often the first question is: What is there to do?

And often we answer: do as little as possible!

Take the opportunity to enjoy the environment. Take time to be mindful and enjoy the present moment. Feel your presence by listening to the birds and the wind, going for a walk, cooking over an open fire. Here are examples of great free activities:

try out our forest playground

Say hello to our horses

balance on fallen over trees

look for wild strawberries

make coffee over the open fire

enjoy our flowering biodiversity

listen to the birds

take a swim in the lake

discover the surroundings

cuddle with our sheep

pick some blueberries

take a rest or fika at  our Komorebi

cook a delicious meal

take a walk in the woods

pick some mushrooms for dinner

chop some wood and make a fire 

walk barefoot

sunbathing & swimming

try out the sauna


check out our shop

make yourself at home in your hut

cuddle with a lamb

find more species and report to database

find this hut 

follow the squirrel trail

Feel at home

Stroll through the forest, enjoy the unique cultural environments with several km of traditional wooden fence, meadows and rich pastures where our furry sheep and horses graze…

Take a swim in the lake, borrow one of our canoes for a little tour.
Fire has a central role here at Urnatur. Make a fire when you get cold, light a lantern if you want to get light at night or you need to find the firewood (although July is hardly necessary, it will hardly get dark). Make a fire in the sauna – and use the fire in the outdoor kitchen to cook for lunch or dinner – or just to make a cozy fire to sit by in the evening sun (assuming there is no fire ban).

great value for money – No extra costs are added:

– breakfast buffet is included as well as ingredients for lunch and dinner in our outdoor kitchen.
– towels and bed linen are provided in the cabin.
– firewood is available 
– our guests borrow canoes and SUP boards for free, life jackets are available.

Other tips to do in the closer surrounding area:

– There are many nice little nature reserves in the municipality. We are happy to provide you with brochures and maps.
– Tåkern is a world famous bird lake. Designed by arkitekt Gert Wingårdh, there is a newly built nature room (Naturum Tåkern) with a nice exhibition that is also fun for children.
– The lake Vättern with its deep cold crystal clear water as well as Omberg and Alvastra monastery ruins are within cycling distance.
– Omberg, Visingsö, Gränna and Vadstena are within a radius of 30km and are cozy destinations.
– The Östgötal trail passes Urnatur – pack your backpack and go on a tour through the Östgöta landscape with destination or starting or ending point Urnatur.