Eco tourism is responsible travelling
that contributes to the nature conservation and locals well-being.

The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as responsible travel to natural areas that helps to conserve the environment and the well being of the local people.
This means:

•To have fun on your holiday.
•Not to damage or wear out what you have travelled to experience.
•To contribute actively to nature preservation and local culture.
•To help make the local economy profitable.
•To stimulate visitors curiosity and respect for place and people visited.

Ecotourism is:
An efficient way to add economic value to threatened natural areas and cultural sites.
A way to provide job opportunities and financial benefits for the local people without destroying their natural environment
A successful business idea that leads to concrete results whether in Lapland, Central Africa or hundreds of other places around the world.
A strong profile for countries or destinations promoting tourist trade.
A source of inspiration, setting an example to the entire travel business.
A business idea that allows commercial tourism to be combined in a respectful and profitable way with traditional economy and culture.
A kind of tourism that improves natural and cultural preservation with lower environmental impact than normal tourism.
More fun for those involved: the traveller, the tour operator, local inhabitants and animals.
One of the fastest growing areas of international tourism.
A success story that has actively contributed to the building of environmental and cultural awareness around the world during the last decade.

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